Media Arts

Woodstock, developed the Media Arts Program in 2001.

Specialist High Skills Major in the Media Arts

It embraces Visual Arts and Computer Technology. We started with half a mega pixel Apple digital camera. As digital photography and computer technology progressed so did our program. This website shows work done in class by the students. All the photography is original, done by the students themselves. The program also teaches web page design and Flash Animation, sound recording and editing. Our lab has thirty two PC computers, two Epson printers, strobe lights with soft boxes and digital SLR cameras.

St. Mary’s High School is the only school in Oxford County that offers a Specialist High Skills Major in the Arts. Students are able to concentrate their area of study providing a specific area of focus in their courses. Additional opportunities in training, workshops, reach ahead opportunities, co-op and links with community agencies are integrated with the students regular academic credit package. Life drawing, large scale dark room photography, ceramics, encaustic painting, illustration and animation are some of the areas where professional artists have been brought in to work with students over an extended period of time. This enriched learning experience provides a greater depth of experience than what can be offered through the regular classroom experience. Additionally fieldtrips to post secondary institutions, major art events and galleries have also been supported through this program.


History of the XX c posters art.

Recreating posters involves capturing the essence of each graphic design style from the 20th century. Each poster should reflect the key characteristics of the style it represents.

Using clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator to create bitmap images and add textures like watercolor to flat color shapes can indeed enhance the visual appeal of designs.

Scratch board

Creating a digital scratch board effect in Adobe Illustrator to mimic chalk on concrete or asphalt pavement is a fun and creative project.

Using Adobe Illustrator to draw human figures


Creating infographics is a fantastic way to engage with information and present it in a visually compelling way.

Science Fiction Illustration

Starting a science fiction illustration project, especially with an eye toward the gaming industry, can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

Poster-style portraits

Creating poster-style portraits using flat colors and lines is a great way for students to learn about graphic design principles and develop their artistic skills. Here's a guide to help them get started with this project:

Polygon style illustration

Von Glitschka is renowned for his polygonal style illustrations, which use simple geometric shapes and a reduced color palette to create visually striking images. This approach focuses on simplicity, flat colors, and, at times, outlined shapes. Here’s a guide to help students create their own polygon style illustrations:

Creating Word Art in Adobe Illustrator

This guide should help you create visually engaging word art using Adobe Illustrator

Creative typography

Steps for Illustrating a Poem Using Text on a Path in Adobe Illustrator

Hands-On Lesson on Op Art

This lesson introduces students to the history and techniques of Op Art, a visual art form that leverages optical illusions. Students will explore the works of two prominent Op Art artists, create sketches, and use Adobe Illustrator to design their own Op Art pieces.

Logo design

Creating a logo that includes both letters and an illustration is a great exercise in design. For this project, let's walk through the steps to design a logo for one of my favorite animals: the owl.

Creating Designs with Lines using Adobe Illustrator

Students will learn to use lines as fundamental elements in design. They will explore how different types of lines (e.g., short, long, vertical, horizontal, straight, curved, dotted, sharp, and fuzzy) can impact a design's aesthetic and feel. They will create their own designs using Adobe Illustrator, manipulating lines to understand their effects on design.


Students will learn the basics of vector graphics by creating and manipulating simple shapes to design unique patterns. They will gain skills in using vector graphic software and understand fundamental concepts such as combining, cutting, dividing, and subtracting shapes.

Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous line drawing is a fun and challenging technique that helps improve your hand-eye coordination and creativity.

Anamorphic Illusions

Creating anamorphic illusions through perspective drawing in Adobe Illustrator can be a fascinating project for high school students.

Creating Artwork in the Style of Art Nouveau

Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Art Nouveau, such as flowing lines, organic forms, and intricate details.
Pixelated Mario Character

8 Bit Graphics

Introduce students to Adobe Illustrator by creating 8-bit graphics.